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09-08-2006, 06:59 PM
ok so i decided to mod a mouse to match my case. here is what i have done so far

i started with a ms optical mouse.

then i formed some plex over it ya i know it looks rough but you'll see

then i put the design on it and got out the drimel. i cut out the design..supprise!!!


here is what it looks like assembled with the lights on so far.

dosent look horrable for a start but its far from over for this poor little optical mouse. will post updates as they occur

09-08-2006, 07:38 PM
here ya go as requested. yes the cuts are pretty rough right now and not all of them are done either. im just working arround a problem in my mind with this thing at the moment before i go further. without further adue here is your pics :-)


09-09-2006, 12:19 AM
thanks guys. glad your likeing it so far. the plex isnt installed in it yet as im totaly not done chopping this poor little fella up yet. there still needs to be alot of work done here. more cuts, more fileing, some paint never hurt. and im thinking of somehow either painting the circut board or covering some of the inside parts up so it looks more uniform in color. i will most likely be trying to add additional Led's to it to make it brighter. as for the plex i used a heat gun and a damp cloth to form it. i heated it up over my stove placed it over the mouse and coverd my hand with the damp cloth. then i placed my hand ontop of the mouse and squeezed it into shape. the mold isnt exact all the way, but its not like i need the entire thing and in the end of it i can correct minor things by just reheating parts of it and form fitting it into place. yes the blue marks and the remainder of microsloths logo will be dissapearing when i paint it so dont you worry about that. there are going to be some issues like how to keep it closed after i cut the last 2 sections i want out. i say this because i will be most likely cutting through the plastic bits the screws go through. most likely i will do everything i need to, and then fix it shut with the same glue i use for my plex as it works on this stuff too. thinking of changeing the scroll wheel and makeing it glow. we will see

09-10-2006, 08:42 AM
basicly i wanted it to make it flush with the rest of the mouse. so instead of forming it into the cuts. i needed the mold to take the same curve as the rest of the mouse. basicaly what will happen now is i will mark off on the plex what to cut out and glue it into the cuts in the mouse.

09-18-2006, 03:26 AM
yay updates. here ya go

i Painted the top side of the electronics board

also i added a wire bridge to the circut that controls the dimming of the led when not in use as per the instructions on this forum. ya its blurry couldent get a better pic i tried.

i also painted inside the base plate of the mouse. apparenltly i own too much red paint.. hmmm

i cut out some sections of the plexiglass mold i made. they still need to be filed down to fit, i get the feeling thats going to take a while.

here it is again on top of the mouse body.

did i mention i cut a few more strips out of this thing? here are some shots of it now

another update to come some time when im done all this lousy fileing..

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