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07-15-2005, 01:21 AM
I received the AOpen H420BBK/SL case today and WOW! This thing is heavy for a microATX size case! I've built several microATX size PCs over the years but I've never seen a microATX case as well laid out or as well designed for running today’s hot CPUs. This one deserves a review which I shall gladly do myself.
They thought of just about everything even something as simple as the 2 or 3 wire power led connection, they give both on the same lead.
There are both types of front audio headers on the one lead, one for the new HD audio and the standard AC97.
Side fan has a thermal probe that mounts in front of the fan and for some reason it draws power straight from the PS. There is a fan duct for the CPU HS which locks into position instead of simply sliding and being held by friction. Cold air is drawn in thru the opening above the CPU and lots of air thru the front that will move across the hard drives. That's something you don't see much in this size case. There are so many other little details that AOpen did not overlook that I could never mention them all here so I hope this will give me the chance to do a review
Too bad the case doesn't really have the "HTPC look”. It can however suffice for sometime in my entertainment center till the “major” HTPC case vendors can get their cooling design and costs within reason. This unit may very well end up as a student’s college PC sometime in its life so not having the “look” will be just fine for now.

Pictures and more to come, TimBo

08-16-2005, 11:43 PM
Got any pics of it to post?