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  1. Cooler Master GX-450W PSU PRE-Release Review!

    I managed to get an evaluation Cooler Master GX-450W Power Supply recently and wrote a review of it here:

    For the first time, I had the spare cpu...
  2. Sentey GS-6500 Burton High Tower Case Review

    Thought you might enjoy a free tour of one of the most advanced computer cases on the market today. The Sentey GS-6500 was designed by a company from South America that has been updating their...
  3. Re: Intel Celeron Dual Core E3300 Overclocking Review.


    I would not be surprised if they did this in the future because Intel loves their slots!:facepalm:
  4. Re: Intel Celeron Dual Core E3300 Overclocking Review.

    Does that i9 include a built-in, NVIDIA graphics chipset? :banana:

    Funny you should mention this... I found an AMD Barton computer this weekend in my computer room. Booted it up and it ran...
  5. Re: Intel Celeron Dual Core E3300 Overclocking Review.

    I was hoping to point out that you can go with a cheap E3300 now and focus on the SLI card since many of these Socket 775 mobos can run quad core chips.

    The ASUS P5QL is running with a QX9650...
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    Re: CD-R's - Does Manufacturer Really Matter?


    I follow this rule as well. Right now I have been using a spindle of Sony CD-R 700Mb SUPREMAS for the past three years and they work great.
  7. Re: Intel Celeron Dual Core E3300 Overclocking Review.

    If you look at my SuperPi chart, a lowly dual core E8600 leads the pack. We all know spending $$$ on a great SLI video card is going to do more than any expensive i7 processor.

    I guess I need to...
  8. Re: Intel Celeron Dual Core E3300 Overclocking Review.

    How so?
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    Re: 1956 IBM 305 5MB Hard Disk Drive

    The Navy was using large array's of similar IBM hard drives during Vietnam to store reconnaissance photography on their carriers.

    Imagine what they are using today!
  10. Intel Celeron Dual Core E3300 Overclocking Review.

    Just finished my latest Intel Socket 775 review.
    I was able to hit 3.125Ghz on air cooling using a Scythe SCMN-1100 MINE Rev.B 3 Heat Pipes CPU Cooler. ...
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    Feature : Re: TBCS New Members Introductory Thread

    Hello my name is Reuben but my online handle is rgathright.

    I write a lot of computer hardware reviews across many sites on the internet and always enjoy finding a new group of tweakers!8)
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    Re: Review: Asus Eee PC 1001PX

    Just wait until you discover that you can take that little netbook anywhere. I often use my ASUS netbook to upload videos to YouTube or do FTP transfers because I can walk with it anywhere in my...
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