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  1. Re: Why are Sound Cards not as Competitive as are Video Cards?

    I have an older Creative X-Fi card in my system, and it's really only there for one reason: so I can record audio from, say a film clip into an audio file. You can only do that if you have two sound...
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    Re: AMD is Not Better at Gaming!

    LOL...maybe I'm weird (and maybe it's cuz I usually have a good video card and my screens are 1600x1200, so I'm not running games at ultra-high res), but I usually go for whichever chip is priced...
  3. Re: Won 1st place for outstanding composition in photography

    I actually said "whoa!" out loud! Awesome photo!
  4. Re: WD Scorpio SATA drive suddenly not detected

    actually, western digital says in their warranty if I have data recovery done, they need something on company letterhead saying so. The guy who's doing the data recovery told me all the details when...
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    Re: Clean radiators = lower temps :)

    ah...dust. Hate that stuff. There's some days that I look at my two cats and three chinchillas, and rather than seeing loved pets, I see little dust machines doing what they do best. :D
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    Re: Happy Birthday x88x!

    Happy birthday!
  7. Re: WD Scorpio SATA drive suddenly not detected

    Just checked, and thankfully the drive was still under warranty (I'd no idea it carried a 3-year). So...hopefully I'll be able to do data recovery thru a business, and then after that I'll be...
  8. WD Scorpio SATA drive suddenly not detected

    I've got two SATA drives - one SSD and one 2.5". The SSD is my C drive and is working fine; the other, a Western Digital Scorpio (blue I think) 500GB just suddenly wasn't detected. I tried a...
  9. Re: Another example of Geek Squad ripping people off!

    To me what's saddest isn't so much the seemingly idiotic sales associates. It's the whole management mindset that generates them. Management isn't putting the customers' needs/desires first. ...
  10. Re: Another example of Geek Squad ripping people off!

    This was exactly the reason why I enjoyed working at Micro Center, and why I still recommend it even though the nearest one is 2 hours away. :up:
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    Re: Is newegg anygood?

    I'll vouch for them too - I've never had a bad experience with them, even when a new router I ordered died a few days later. They got it switched out for me, no problems at all! They're pretty much...
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    Re: water cooling stuff.

    PM'd again :)
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    Feature : Re: TBCS - Where Are You?

    Oak Park, CA. It's about 40 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.
  14. Re: Wireless intereference...from my motherboard?

    Seems to mostly happen when I'm doing things like scrolling web pages, but it'll also happen when the computer is just idling.

    Can't remove the metal chassis as there isn't one - the...
  15. Re: Wireless intereference...from my motherboard?

    Apparently I'm not the only one:

    *edit - found a thread that recommended the following changes:
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    Re: water cooling stuff.

  17. Re: Wireless intereference...from my motherboard?

    Well, I got RMA info from Gigabyte...but then I thought "hey, maybe I'll try moving the router to a higher position (it was near the floor). that'll be WAY easier than taking apart the computer." ...
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    Re: How did you join/find out about TBCS

    I needed help with properly wiring LED lights in my case. Among several other sites, I posted on this one, and it was the only one to give me any kind of response. I checked out the site, found it...
  19. Thread: Life...

    by artoodeeto

    Re: Life...

    Congrats!! I too recently landed a new job - it's a really nice feeling to not have to worry over every single penny. Good luck to you!
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    Re: New Modder on the way....

    Wow....HUGE congrats to you and your wife!!! (if there was a confetti emoticon, I'd insert it here) :D
  21. Re: Wireless intereference...from my motherboard?

    They gave me info to RMA the board. Only issue is it looks like I'll be without my machine while they test it. Good part though is I *may* be able to drop it off instead of shipping it - they're...
  22. Re: Something to make you think (but don't think too hard)

    I had to look up the answer after staring at it way too long. I feel really dumb now...
  23. Re: Wireless intereference...from my motherboard?

    Yeah, I've experienced this many times before. I'm reminded of a time I called my ISP because of an issue with my cable modem, and first thing I said was I'd already tried unplugging it and plugging...
  24. Re: Wireless intereference...from my motherboard?

    Gotta love tech support - the response to my fairly detailed description: "are you sure it's the board? check the video card fan." this is AFTER I told them my video card is liquid cooled and...
  25. Re: Wireless intereference...from my motherboard?

    No idea on either of those, but let's put it this way - prior to switching motherboards, the wireless never had an issue.

    As for spread spectrum - is that something in the router or my...
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