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    Re: Upgrading PC?

    Lol i have literally almost the same system that you have right now

    i just ordered the Galaxy Nvidia GTX460 1Gig Super OC card, and a better Heatsink, cause i like you have started to notice the...
  2. Re: Any clues where i can find some Adhesive Letters

    Alright did a little research and found out Autozone, has exactly what i want :) and i just happen to be going to the town where it is in a couple days, woo and they're only a dollar a peice
  3. Re: Any clues where i can find some Adhesive Letters

    thanks guys, wish i knew where a junkyard was :P
  4. Any clues where i can find some Adhesive Letters

    Hi, i had the idea to personalize my case a little more and Add the word "UNDEAD" (i add this to almost all my web handles) to the side of my case, but i didnt want to just paint it on or use crappy...
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    Creating a Top Exhaust on my new case

    Hi, im wanting to put a top Exhaust vent on my new Xion Solaris Case, just wondering if there are any good tutorials out there for doing so, or should i just have at it :P
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    Re: Best Paint to use Inside Case?

    Cool, Thanks for the tips guys, ill run down the hardware store and pick up these supplies tomorrow, case still hasnt gotten here so i got some time to get supplies :)
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    Best Paint to use Inside Case?

    I recently purchased a Xion Solaris Green and black themed Case, This one.

    now its green themed and all but just doesnt have...
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