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Thread: Rules for Signatures in posts

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    Default Rules for Signatures in posts

    If you would like a signature in your posts, there are a few rules to follow.

    Signature images:
    Images in signatures, you may choose to have a 400*150px image or a 500*100px image (prefered) or anything smaller than the either.

    This is 400x150:

    If your signature is bigger than that, you will be asked to remove or modify it.

    Signatures may only be static images. No animated or moving GIF images are allowed. This includes using the animated emoticons from TBCS in sigs.

    Text signatures:

    Text based signatures are limited to 500 characters and 5 lines of normal (size 2) text, or 9 lines of small (size 1) text. Blank lines count as lines.
    No text is to be larger than size 2.

    examples of text sigs:

    This is line one in size 2
    This is line two in size 2
    This is line three in size 2
    This is line four in size 3
    This is line five in size 2

    This is line one in size 1
    This is line two in size 1
    This is line three in size 1
    This is line four in size 1
    This is line five in size 1
    This is line six in size 1
    This is line seven in size 1
    This is line eight in size 1
    This is line nine is size 1

    If you have an image based signature, you may have 2 lines of size 1 text to go along with the image.

    Signature content:
    1. Signature Links: Any links pointing to illegal material, sex related websites, or drug related websites are not allowed. Any links meeting these criteria will be removed. Duplicate links to the same URL are not allowed.
    2. Advertising in signatures is not allowed unless cleared with a Moderator or Admin first.
    3. Signature Images: Images containing pornographic, lewd or objectionable material will result in the user being restricted or banned. Only static images are allowed; moving or animated images are not.
    4. You may have ONE quote in your signature if you see something amusing on the forums that one of our members has posted. Please try to limit it to no more than a one liner, no big blocks of text are allowed.

    There are some exceptions to the rules. Winners of the Official TBCS Modder's Challenge may have the addtional Modder's Challenge Winner's image in their sig along with their own sig.
    TBCS Staff or others who would like to promote TBCS projects like the Modcast, Frapper Maps etc may also have extra images in their sigs for that.

    All signature violations will now come with a three day period in which the member can comply with the moderator's requests and fix the violating section of their signature. Failure to comply will result in modification or removal of your signature, per the moderator's discretion. Lewd or profane images will be removed on sight, with no two day period. A yellow card infraction may be issued for said content in a signature.
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