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Thread: May switch to SLI

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    Default Re: May switch to SLI

    It's basically end of financial year, end of July I think and also just after Christmas lol.
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    Default Re: May switch to SLI

    Quote Originally Posted by Spawn-Inc View Post
    HAHA go Canada! i just got 4gbs of ram off ebay and if i waited just 1 more day to pay it would have been cheaper, ohwell only by 70 cents or so.
    Haha 70 cents? Man the Dollar was up to 1.02! That'd shave 6 bucks off every hundred spent, all over the course of about 26 hours.

    I love seeing our dollar higher. Although they seem to think it's killing our economy. Tourism seems to be doing better than ever in the T. dot.

    Oh well, less expensive technology for meeeeeeeeeeeee
    Peace, love and Anarchy!

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