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Thread: came across two video schooling suppliers

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    Default came across two video schooling suppliers

    Video schooling? haha... I didn't know how else to put it.


    I found the CBT NUGGETS on ebay for 20 bucks shipped... I honestly don't care if they're pirated... I want them.

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    Default Re: came across two video schooling suppliers

    [Edit. I just found your post on reading problems. (sorry I skim the forums from the bottom up). I guess video would be a great help in your case. Here's my take on it: Doing > Watching > Reading. If you can take what your reading about and then try to actually do it, it really helps. I know that won't apply to everything you are studying. I know how you feel man I've had the same problem trying to study certain subjects. I blame the authors. G'luck]

    A video course is helpful but books will have more info/diagrams/examples/practice in them. I found a lot of books at a local second hand book store. The turn over of tech books is very fast, usually a year or less, so the info in the books can still be fresh.

    I also found a bunch at a computer show at our local expo grounds.
    These losers: Show up every once in a while to dump their crap on unsuspecting bargain hunters. They show up for a weekend and by the time people get around to trying the items out, they are gone. (I owned a computer store and our calls doubled every Monday after one of these sales in town). They also have books and a book doesn't usually have a bad sector or missing driver so its a fairly good deal (but look for missing pages/chapters :-). I found lots of course books like Networking essentials, A+, MCSE, Serrver and Programing for about 20$ each.

    Once you've read the books you can go to M$'s webpage and check out their training paths to see what you need to brush up on before signing up for a test. I haven't looked but I think other companies like sisco have similar info sites. After all its in their interest to keep people educated about their products.

    If nothing else, you can use the books to decorate your office cube to make you look smarter or hollow them out to hide your stash in.

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