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    If you haven't guessed it yet, this will be my depository for all my random thoughts/ideas/ get the idea, for modding and the like. If you like anything you see, feel free to use and abuse, I have no funding as of yet to get any of these off the ground. If you use any of these, let me know how they turn out.

    First idea: Keyboard mod

    I like the idea of modding not just a case, but the monitor, keyboard, the whole nine yards to tie into a central theme. I had an idea for a gaming rig with an industrial/steampunk look. First thoughts were on how to make this unique: Mount a retractable lcd beneath the keyboard that could be used for messenger/stats.
    here's a quick pic of what I envisioned:

    I know the screen would have to be flipped, and some aesthetics to help my crude caveman drawing. lol Also, possibly incorporating speakers and/or a headphone jack would be sweet.
    More random ideas to come...

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    Default Re: ZackBlade's Random Idea Box

    It looks somewhat similar to a G15... Im betting logitech is stealing your ideas before you think of them =/

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    yea it looks kinda similar, but mine's cooler lol . I'd like to be able to use the lcd independently also. That actually could be a good starting point, I like the backlit orange.

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    Next random idea: "Gears" of War mod

    I've recently been checking out rendermandan's Motorized Madness Case, which is unbelievable btw, and his mechanical theme gave me an idea. Build a case with exposed gears moving in tandem with different activities. EX: When the DVD drive is ejected, have the gears on the side rotating to make it seem like they're pushing the drive. Also have some running continuously like in a factory that could be controlled with an on/off switch. This would go nicely with the steampunk theme. +rep to rendermandan, you're a huge inspiration

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    The Gears of War mod idea is sweet

    On the DVD drive try making a circuit with that would activate a motor (i.e. case fan) for a few seconds, with a gear system and stuff, by pressing a double-pole double throw switch, so you could wire the eject button to it.

    On the factory thing just get to work modding case fans lol. Get rid of the Fan blades and add a gear system.

    Really good idea though.

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    Next Random Idea: Tuner Mod

    I've always had a problem with cables all over the place, so this mod would help organize and manage them. I've you've ever looked under the hood of some tuners, it's all nice and shiny.

    Anyway, it would be cool to route the wires through a series of pipes like headers, or fuel rails, all chromed out, or have an anodized look.

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