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Thread: Bullet hole tutorial

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    Default Bullet hole tutorial

    Since i have some experience now with making bullet holes i thought it would be good sharing it with you. English isn't my primary language, but i hope the pictures 'll make clear what i mean, in fact the steps are very simple.

    Lets start with the outer lines of the hole, cut something rough with large and small lines, like the paint has been ripped off.
    This site has some good examples:

    After applying the metal-colored base we add a hole in the center by using a small piece of foil with a hole in the middle.

    Looks like there's a hole now You can see some light shadows around the edges too, which i just added.

    After that i removed my front cap to have more precision for the last steps:

    I added some black above the hole for shadow, and white beneath the hole. White is hardly visible at the photo, but IRL it's just enough to give it a highlight, it should look 3d, right?

    The result.

    And another 2 bullet holes were added on the frame
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    Default Re: Bullet hole tutorial

    Great tut. Thanks.


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    Default Re: Bullet hole tutorial

    Lol, leave it to _ferry_, he mods everything! Love it!


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    Default Re: Bullet hole tutorial

    Hell yea! That Looks Kewl! +Rep

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