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    I've always wanted LED fans with yellow LED's in them, but nobody makes them. So, for example, I would go out and buy a Cooler Master 80mm quad red LED fan... so now, I need to buy the yellow LED's... what size (3mm? 5mm?)... do I need to buy special resistors? should i buy any specific kind of wire so that i don't have to use the stuff that i rip out when i remove the red LED's? i have a soldering iron already, so i'm good there... I just haven't been able to find any information about this online, or in any other forums.

    any help would be appreciated.

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    Get a multimeter - power up the fan, and measure the current going across the LED - that should give you an idea of the voltage ratings you need to buy as for the size, it doesnt really matter as you're probably going to have to drill out the old LEDs anyway, so buy 5mm ones and use a 5mm drill bit etc - just make sure you get the polarity right when re-wiring or it just plain wont work

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