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Thread: Monitor Wattage

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    Default Monitor Wattage

    The power just went off over here, we're hooked up to a generator at the moment.

    How much does a standard dell 17inch monitor pull wattage wise?

    This computer is pretty basic too. Its running an hdd, optical drive, wireless card, 1gig of ram (x4 256mb) and an amd athlon 64 3800+. Any idea what thats running? I was guessing 150-200 at most?

    Thanks for the info/help
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    Default Re: Monitor Wattage

    If it's TFT, 60-80W max.
    If it's CRT, I'm not sure, maybe 120-160W.
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    Default Re: Monitor Wattage

    CRT's suck up the juice.. at my old job we replaced all the CRTs in the server farm with a kvm and one monitor, and got like 50% more battery life from the UPS.

    This was in 97.. LCD's didnt really exist back then..

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