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Thread: Project : Deuce

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    (Oct. 29th, I pull the tape... and dance a happy dance!)

    Pulled the masking this morning (should have pulled it last night... live and learn, as it would have helped soften the edge where the tape was. Now I;ll have to sand it down *very* carefully to blend the edge with the black so that when I paint the green stripe, I'm not painting over an uneven surface.)

    Have some wetsanding to do to knock the edge down a bit, and prep for the next "stripe". I'll likely put these outside to cure a bit.

    On a seperate note... we all start somewhere...
    And I wnat to learn how to do True Fire.

    I have never done this folks, never. I have a DVD and a set of templates to help guide me... but my airbrush's paint valve kept staying open, so I was having lots of difficulty tapering my ends. Would release the paint and carry through my air and my motion, but the paint spring just kept pushing paint... then it would click shut... very frustrating.

    After about the 4th or 5th mistake, I kinda ran with it... then I started nesting other template designs into it, so see how they would look when sprayed. So, this is like a proof of concept... pre-ALPHA! LOL!!

    ANYWAY... not expecting to set the world on fire (*giggle*) but I figured you would like to see what an uber noob does with a finiky airbrush in his free time!

    Started out with just a panel from a dead case. Did not sand it smooth, just laid a coat of black over it to give a good, dark back canvas.

    Early stage:

    Then I cleared it after a few more color swaps here. Now I know why pros have multiple airbrushes! Color shanges are very time consuming when you only have one airbrush!

    Be gentile....

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    (Oct. 29th.... Son of a B@!*#*@)

    I am a quite a bit upset at myself right now. I was test mounting my 120mm rad setup on the Swiftech "RadBox" that I bought to help with the external mounting. Well... one screw was too long. and it punctured my 120mm rad. the build continues.... and now my search is on to repair this rad.

    My problem is that the hole is directly under the screw thread shroud. And the leak is a doozie. I just pushed water though the rad "beer bong" style...

    a steady flow.

    I'm quite pissed @ Swiftech right now, but I'm even more pissed at myself. I felt the tension on the screw, and told myself, "back it out. that one was odd"... but I did not...

    drip... drip....

    likely going to be either some metal epoxy or JB Weld... *IF* I can get it down there in between the fins.

    frikken lovely....

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    (Oct. 30th, another quick inspiration, and some fab results!)

    I pulled out the the trusty rivet gun, and put the base back on this beast! This will allow me to better work on the tubing and routing... I also got tired of seeing it hanging in the garage! Using some of the bitchen case feet from mnpctech, I think that says, "dont mess with me", even with NUTHIN in the chassis! Dontcha think?

    I also had a brainstorm of an idea with the front bezel. Let's tear them down and have some fun... shall we?
    Front of the undoctered unit:

    Back of it, showing the tabs that must released to get the metal grill out:

    Strip out the steel meshm and get to work!

    base coat + blue and white flames:

    Wonder what I've been doing this all with?

    Metalcast blue:

    Final result! I'd say that sets off the front nicely.

    I need to get some lighting that will illuminate the front bezels, otherwise the flames are lost in the dark...

    Also, during this moment, I found a way to do some flame work in a similar fashion, but that will give a really sweet effect! Going to need an extra set of hands though to make it happen. Wifey has already volunteered. *yay!*

    Also, my fans and my replacement rad should be here tomorrow!

    *double yay!*

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    (Nov. 2nd... how the frick am I going to connect those?... *ding* "Ah HA!")

    I started working on the back end of the mod, and was thinking that the fan situation that I have in mind was going to be a bit cluttered. I did not like that thought at all. I planned on having a white LED fan on the inside of the case acting as exhaust, that would then be screwed to an external radbox, that would then have another fan and the external 120mm radiator. The radbox and fan buy me a little space to display some tubing and such, but having 2 fans back in the rear... how would I power 2 of them without having a mess of cabling?

    If you remember, *waaayyyy* back in the build on BOSS, there was a power supply mod that I did not incorporate, it used the twist on "CB Radio" type connectors now being seen on some power supplies. Well... I still had those connectors, so my plan was to run a 2 wire (12v and ground) independent to that section of the case. soldering the 12v and ground into the legs of the connector receptacle, I then soldered another set of short legs off of the solder point, and heat shrinked the joint. I then took those 12v and ground legs and soldered them onto the fan power and ground lines, and covered those joints with black heat shrink.

    This effectively minimized the 8 inches of fan cord to less than an inch. If I Have to replace this fan... it will be a bear!

    The external fan will have a cable treatment performed to it that will mate it to the male end of the joint/plug, being sure to keep 12v and ground properly designated, and will plug into the other side of what you see in the below picture.

    Going to Home Depot tomorrow, then maybe a bike shop or an auto shop... looking for some small diameter steel tubing

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    (Nov. 19th - rad work and back panel clean up...)

    Here is a little Turkey day post of the work I have done over the past week or so....

    My goal is to have the power cabling for the rear fans stealthed except for the area where the wires feed into the fans. now. Knowing that I was going to have a 120mm rad on the back, and I wanted to have an exhaust fan inside the case (components will still need airflow!), I opted to put a Swiftech rad box up between the exhaust area and the fan for the rad. This will help to break up the airflow coming out from the case, and the radbox gives the rad fan about an inch of intake space to grab it's cool air from. Powering 2 fans from an internal/external location was going to be a bit of a challenge, and I came up with the idea of just having both fans share the same 12v run. As such I put in a passthrough port, attached the + and - onto the supply side of the passthrough, and then built a cable to the external most fan on the rad using the female of the connector. Initially, I was using 1 inch aluminum spacers, but thought they looked a bit too tall, so I dropped them to 1/2 inch ones, and thought that they looked much batter. I have to grind out a litle on the Radbox in the space in front of the case holes for the hoses, else I have a bit of a creasing of the hose as they pass by the sharp edge of the radbox. Enough talking... Here are the results:

    Backside of the connector with the split for the fan on this side, as well as the feed for the other side.

    Alum standoffs @ 1 inch... a bit to tall for my liking, so I bought some shorter ones.

    This shows the power line coming off the fan going past the external connector...

    Shorter assembly height, and a shorter fan power cable, looks much better!

    Closeup of the rear cable assembly.

    How it looks from the top. You can see the barb location as well as the holes where the tubing will come through.

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    And this is where I am at currently. As I make updates, you can count on me keep y'all in the loop!


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    Default Re: Project : Deuce

    I am leading off to all of my fellow TBCS'rs with a very sincere and heartfelt apology. Due to a grossly huge brain fart, I neglected to start my log on my current mod over here. I realized my mistake last week and am now in the process of bringing everyone in this forum up to date with my current project. The oversight was totally mine, and was not meant as a slight at this incredible forum. And "yes", the brain fart was a SBD...

    Thanks for reading...
    LOL! Relax TD, you are always welcome here and loyalty to a forum should not be an obligation, it's our honour to have you whenever you can be here. Great to see a new project!
    "At the midpoint on the journey of life, I found myself in a dark forest, for the clear path was lost..." -Dante Alighieri

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    Thank you jdbnsn, much appreciate the understanding!
    *tips hat*

    Well... hello everyone!
    Due to the holidays, "real life" took a serious stick to my free time. Work has been an absolute leech, and then you have the holidays between my last post and this post. It's been tough, and I am *very* sorry for not having the time or the energy over the last 1.5 months. That kind of a gap in a log is not very professional, and I apologize to anyone who has been thinking I fell off the earth....

    All that said, I've got an update!

    I was able to grab some time this last weekend and make more progress. I call this update:
    "WTF are you building??!?"

    So grab some popcorn and have some fun! Here we go!

    2 screws, a threaded standoff and a double coax staple... huh?

    stick with me folks, I'm kinda proud this!

    The staple come with a nail in the plastic housing... that gets yanked

    Then I put the plastic piece in a vice and using a manual hand drill I bore the hole out that the nail was passed through:

    Then, to get one of the longer screws through the plastic, I very carefully hit the hole with a 1/4" bit in a power drill and dig out a recession of the screw head to sit in, and that also gives a bit more thread exposed on the bottom end:

    Then I screw on the threaded standoff:

    And we have a finished... something!

    But wait...wait... "Tech-Daddy, there were 2 screws in the picture? Where does the other one go?"
    Glad you asked! I take those and screw them through the frame of the back panel of the computer chassis:

    Then I screw in the other end of the threaded standoff to the exposed threads of the screw I just put in place:

    Kinda neat... but looks lonely:

    That's better... but what are they for? Well... remember that fan junction that I built that ties the internal and external fans together? Well... I still need to get 12v and ground to that location... and anyone who knows me knows that the cables will not simply "fly" across the case. So, I take the cables, and where they will be seen, I make them appealing. I'm actually running a single cable inside each tube:

    I like how that looks! I run the lines up to the structural cross bar that spans the entire side of the case, and I run my 12v and ground lines inside that piece of steel. Once it gets to the front of the case, they drop out and begin their trek down the 5.25 bay area. So I clad those lines in tubing again and built 2 more standoffs and attached them to 2 holes in bays that I will not be using:

    There you go! Tastefully done power, front to back, and you will only see what I want you to see of it!

    As for the 3 hard drive bays that are inserted in the bottom of the case in that cage adaptor thingy, it has a spot for a 120mm fan on the front of it, and I am going to use it. But, unlike the fans elsewhere in the case, I dont want to put a lit LED fan there, as the back light will screw up the front mesh panel flame effect, so I instead went for a nice and quiet black fan. I knew that the cabling was never going to be seen, so I did not sleeve it... but I did blast it several times with vinyl dye then attach it to an electric screw driver and twist it, then touch it up with the vinyl dye. I like that look a lot better...

    I also put on foam, noise isolating, neoprene insulators to each screw contact point:

    Mounted it up:

    The res's may be relocated. This was just an idea I was bantering around.

    I've also started experimenting with different types of lighting, these are what some vendors call pirahanna lights:

    Neat thing about these lights is that they run off of 12v DC, and can be cut into blocks of 3. No resistors needed. Put a bit of double stick tape on these and put them where you want! these are stiff PCB material so they are not really flexible... but I'm going to be trying some other possible items later on...

    And... OMG! I need to clean up my make shift router table... what on earth could I be working on that would create a mess like this?!!?

    Well... you are going to have to wait! I have more tools on order to hopefully bail me out of the jam that I have created. More on the results of this mess later!

    So, there you have it... more later on as I get to it!

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    Default Re: Project : Deuce

    Dude, that is looking great! Very clean. I Digg it!
    "At the midpoint on the journey of life, I found myself in a dark forest, for the clear path was lost..." -Dante Alighieri

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    Default Re: Project : Deuce

    Really like your cable management, and the place of your res's
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