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Thread: More cheap Web Hosting

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    Cool More cheap Web Hosting

    Ok people. The company I just signed up with for hosting., just doubled their disk space you recieve, instead of 2.4gig you get 4.8 gig's with 120 gig bandwith. There average plan I signed up for is $120 per year. But I made ya'll a coupon code that takes off $85. So for $35 you get: 4800 mb of storage that increase each week by 40mb, 120 gig of bandwith that increase each week by 1 gig, 600 mail account, 75 ftp accounts, and a free domain. Not bad, just select there $9.95 plan, and pay for the first year. Then when it asks for the code, will look like this:

    enter the code:


    And you'll be set.

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    Default Re: More cheap Web Hosting

    Aaack! zombie thread! *searches for shotgun, cant find it, so pulls out his zombie-thread-killing machete*

    is this spam?
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    Default Re: More cheap Web Hosting

    Just a tad bit over 4 years old... lol

    Its kind of scary to think that I remember this thread/user too.
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    Default Re: More cheap Web Hosting

    Checking for spam. Please hold off on any negative rep or anything.

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    Default Re: More cheap Web Hosting

    wow. lol...
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    Default Re: More cheap Web Hosting

    Quote Originally Posted by BuzzKillington View Post
    wow. lol...
    Buzz, you necromancer you....
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    Default Re: More cheap Web Hosting

    It would help if you guys didn't respond to the spammers. Makes finding them harder...
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