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Thread: Project: Elements of Fortune

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    Default Project: Elements of Fortune

    Hello everybody

    I’m new to these forums so let me introduce myself.
    My name is Tom and I live in Belgium, I am 17 years old and I’m modding for almost 2 years now.
    You’ll notice I like to work with wood. My first caseconstruction didn’t work out well.
    So I started on a casemod after that (that was …. Hmm let me think … in august 2007)
    My project was named HELGHAN … so you can google on it to see more of it.

    I went to a competition held in the Netherlands… called “The Benelux casemod league”
    The good thing is that I won 1st place, the bad thing … well there isn’t a bad thing really xD.

    For a whole year I had a very big idea about a caseconstruction … something that was never done before (I think :p). And with the goodies I’ve won at the competition, I had the strength to make it real.

    After a long and weird intro, I’m pleased to announce my big idea
    “Elements of Fortune”

    The idea:
    The construction is based upon a slot machine, the (I think famous) Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine.
    Don’t you know what I’m talking about? Here’s a picture:

    I’m only going to make 1 slot machine of course
    After lots of looking I started to design a custom build based upon it. I designed it with google sketchup. I work every day on the sketching, so it might be a bit different than this design:

    I already made some progress on this mod, and my English is not THAT good … So here are some other pictures on the different parts of the construction.

    The bottom:
    I started with this

    After a while, I decided to make this:

    The inside (the actual computer)

    Final results will be a bit different than this.
    The wheels … with the one armed bandit

    The cooling

    And about the top I’m not really sure … so I won’t let you see some sketches ^^

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    Default Re: Project: Elements of Fortune

    Enough blab la blablablabaaaaaaaaahaaaa !
    Let’s start modding :p

    I basically work with 12mm MDF (don’t know dimensions in feet or inches or …)
    To start with the bottom, I sawed something.

    I decided to saw them at 45° , so you won’t see the connection of the wood.

    Looks like this when you put it together…

    Not really spectacular :p
    More sawing: PS- you’ll notice my new machine on the table

    I made a picture what it will look like

    The next day I replaced a plate

    And I made it stronger with another plate of wood.

    The case will be very heavy and large… wheels will make it movable.
    (I also build this construction in several parts, so if I want to transport it … I’ll transport it in parts.)

    Some wood, because without the wheel won’t touch the ground

    ArGh ! … I still need some shorter bolts :p

    They touch the ground with 1 cm space in between.
    (imagine the wooden sheet as “ground”)

    …Needs some sanding and finishing and well a lot of things, but I already began on the studs.

    It’s not that complicated. 1 stud is made out of 4 sheets of aluminum and 2 Plexiglas
    ALU / plexi (with light) / ALU __ ALU / Plexi / ALU.
    I need 18 studs … that’s like 72 sheets of alu, and 36 sheets of plexi.
    I don’t have the thing like CNC or a mill … so I all need to make it with a small saw.

    What do I need?
    A big sheet of aluminum

    And some coffee with a waffle … of maybe more waffles and coffee :p

    The coffee and waffle … Hmm njam – the sheet of alu is in pieces now.

    72 of those :o

    Next day I started on something else because the saw blades where missing.
    A Plexiglas reservoir. Why? It’s just for eye-candy. There will be moving cogs in it and you will see the fluid moving thanks to those cogs and some lightning.
    If you don’t understand … don’t worry – in the end you will :p

    This reservoir is tested by me just a few hours ago … I got one very small leek – but that’s easy to fix.

    I also designed some other new things.
    This will be the reservoir for the watercooling setup.
    (custom made, and the middle part is supposed to move ^^ )

    Not a good sketch … but the design of the HDD (if they won’t be watercooled)

    And two sketches of a possible CPU waterblock

    Some tips:
    The wheels won’t be working like in a real casino slot machine, and the one armed bandit will only be used to boot the computer.
    I hope to get a sponsor because it is a big, expensive project and I’m just a poor student who likes modding :p
    Money or not … I’m going to make it – don’t give a * if it takes 5 years :p


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    Default Re: Project: Elements of Fortune

    Well, first off, Welcome to TBCS. Glad to have you.
    Secondly, That first case looks pretty darn good if you ask me.
    And thirdly, your new case design looks kick A-ss. It also looks like you are off to a good start. I'll be watching this one.

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    Default Re: Project: Elements of Fortune

    Wow, can't wait to see the progress as the design is amazing.

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    Default Re: Project: Elements of Fortune

    Quote Originally Posted by Mach View Post
    Wow, can't wait to see the progress as the design is amazing.
    Help my mini city
    Population Industry Transport Security
    Quote Originally Posted by progbuddy View Post
    It's probably the extreme radiation from the nuclear core in your phone. Push the control rod all the way in.
    Quote Originally Posted by UrbanLegend_NY View Post
    I'm not selling it in hell I'm selling it on eBay.

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    Default Re: Project: Elements of Fortune


    Simply Amazing!
    Quote Originally Posted by mDust View Post
    Maybe an unusually fast, mentally-impaired turtle with a boot warmer tucked into his shell...but not a normal one.

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    Default Re: Project: Elements of Fortune

    I was wondering if you'd bring this over from bit-tech. great work so far, cant wait for progress

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    Default Re: Project: Elements of Fortune

    +3 nice work

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    Default Re: Project: Elements of Fortune

    lol i have to +5 lol

    nice start mate
    Quote Originally Posted by Drum Thumper View Post
    you tease!

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    Default Re: Project: Elements of Fortune

    youre from the netherlands arent you? all netherlandish boys can mod like gods :o

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