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Thread: C&C Tiberian Sun Temple of NOD

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    I don't know what happened to all his pics, but he does have the worklog posted on a Dutch forum. Only problem is, well, it's in Dutch. I'll look around for him and see if I can find out what happened.
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    Wow, I just thought wtf when I seen the flame thrower lol crazy , the flame tank would kick a$$ in robot wars , awesome, and controlled by ps3 controller wow, just wow.

    Wouldn't want to put my hand near that grinder neither, looks scary lethal , pictures from page 1 to 5 are showing, all the rest are not but the youtube vids are showing, I don't know why I have not checked this 1 out until now, I really should be checking out all of these featured worklogs, some truly amazing mods.

    So is the flame tank serve as an anti theft device for the pc hehe .

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