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Thread: Keyboard and Mouse painting.

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    Default Keyboard and Mouse painting.

    I painted my mouse with black rustoleum high gloss enamel, and then rustoleum clear coat. Granted it has been nearly 2 years, the paint is begining to become textured and brittle enough to scratch off, mostly the clearcoat layer and especially where my hand maked contact with the mouse. Does anyone have an explanation or solution to this?

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    Explanation, your sweaty palms come in contact with it all the time, over time the paint will wear away and become brittle from the sweat. You most likely did not use a plastic specific paint like vinyl dye or you didnt scuff it up and sand it and use a primer for the base coat. Advice, sand it down, use some filler primer then repaint, or sand it down and vinyl dye it.

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    Rustoleum is ment for metal surfaces so it doesn't stick as well to plastic. When I painted mine I used Krylon charcoal black primer and no finish coat, it seems to work for now. If you want a glossy paint I would try a hobby shop and get a plastic specific paint.

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    Yeah mole paint would work great. Vinal dye would be nice, though i am not sure how shiny you could get vinal dye, since its not paint you cant really wetsand and clear coat it. Vinal Dye would be permenant, but paint would be shinyer and look better IMO.
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