I found out today that I have access to these things.......

2nd hand, but they are free, so in my book a good score.
PCB reads "powertip pg-12864a" chips on back say "SEC KSO1088"

Im wondering if anyone has used these before, and can help me sort out how to set it up to the computer.
Ive found this spec sheet..http://aromu.lmsic.com/DOC/PG12864A.pdf
(although my "model number" is "H" at the end instead of "G")
Ive also found this diagram....

But Im unsure about what to do next
Seems you can do some fun things with it, someone did this, which I kinda like the idea of....I just have to work out how to hook it up.


any help with the wiring appreciated, the programing I can take care of.