The NZXT Lexa. One of the ultimate gamer's cases. The curvy, brushed-looking front and sleek design make it an eye-catcher on it's own, but when you add loads of green plexi, and black paint job, and a custom water setup, you get something even better. That's right, it's The boy 4rm oz's Project: Lexa. Here's the basic equation for the mod. 1 case + loads of plexi - the drive cages * bunches of rounded screws = madness. His use of mesh, plexi, and accent lighting and eye-catching glow make this a perfect mod for any UV fan. A simple yet effective touch was added with the addition of water tube grommets, and it really tops off a great res mount. If you like black, green, water cooling, or the NZXT Lexa, you'll love Project: Lexa.