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    That lexmark doesn't look very tall, I like that. And yeah that ink can become costly pretty quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NightrainSrt4 View Post
    To be honest, any of the printers in that price range are going to crap out in a couple years. Most will be relatively flimsy, and quite loud as well.

    Don't expect some super long lasting miracle printer. I went through a ton of them trying to find one, and at that price it just doesn't exist.

    Expect to have to replace it every year or two. Also, if your buying ink retail, expect to pay almost as much on ink as the printer itself.
    NightrainSrt4 is right... it's all about the ink. Find out how much the ink is, find out if it's easy to buy. (I've had to custom order because it wasn't sold locally, or the local prices were doubled.)

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    Agreed - also try to get a MFP that takes cartridges common with other products (if such a thing exists - I'm not sure anymore, but I know older HP OfficeJet copier/scanner/printers shared cartridges with midrange inkjets; this was back in 2000 or so, so I have no idea now.)

    Eclecticos, I'm an admin on another vB forum and it's good to see we're not the only ones with spambot problems... hell, they even manage to correctly name our site (CAPTCHA text box). If it helps, they all seem to set their birthday at January 1, 1980, and their country as Afghanistan (first one on the list). I've just taken to banning and renaming 'em and permanently deleting their posts. It's rather amusing to read names like "Pork Steeple" and "Purple-Helmet Warrior" in "Members who have visited today"...
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    Everyone else had quotes, and I didn't. I figured the next funny thing I see I'd throw in my sig.
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    Jon, the whole post is about building a bong that changes its own water.
    Gee, it damn sure took me long enough to find and add the origin of the first quote...

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