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Thread: TBCS "Industrial" wallpaper.

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    Default TBCS "Industrial" wallpaper.

    This time i didnt use any tuts to make this, made it all by my own =)

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    Default Re: TBCS "Industrial" wallpaper.

    I like it. +rep
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    Default Re: TBCS "Industrial" wallpaper.

    I like it. +REP
    Quote Originally Posted by Lothair View Post
    I guess it's just widely used and has had some of the best people in the world work on it, costing a ridiculous amount of money, for no actual reason. :/
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    Default Re: TBCS "Industrial" wallpaper.

    that came out very nicely, great work dude!
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    Default Re: TBCS "Industrial" wallpaper.

    Theres just something not right. I cant quite put my finger on it. I think its the contrast between the cartoon looking corners and the faded out mother board. Other then me being a A whole. I like it. +rep
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    Default Re: TBCS "Industrial" wallpaper.


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    Default Re: TBCS "Industrial" wallpaper.

    looks nice dude

    + rep

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    Default Re: TBCS "Industrial" wallpaper.

    Much better noopy. I like the light effect and the TBCS opacity


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    Default Re: TBCS "Industrial" wallpaper.

    That looks great man, the updated version looks so much better than the already pretty sweet original. Good job! +rep
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