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Thread: German casemod masters

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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    if you enter the moddin comp, youll get 10€ for a hundret kilometres (only one direction )

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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    So freaking cool!

    STeampowered bicycle? I LOVE IT!

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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    Hmmm, I know I am much to late but I simply have to add some pice here:
    The Sine-Courve front (piece of art in my eyes) :

    Cool military look iRadio:

    Barebone Hardware inside a skull:

    Coolest iRadio mod ever:

    My neighbour case at DCMM: Thats the wheel-rim of an BMW X3 Jeep used as a heatspreader and WC-reservoir (in the middle):

    My favourite game-cube mod (I love Wall-E):

    And the winner case-con in it's transport cage:
    My CaseCons:

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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    Those are some really cool mods, I would like to see the worklogs on those but I hear most of them don't speak english so I wouldn't understand. Still love looking at them, impressive.
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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    Dam those are some nice cases looked like a cool event. Thank you for the photos.
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    Default Re: German casemod masters

    nice to hear that you like our wall-e !!!

    i also loved your haro when i see it on the dcmm stand....hadn´t seen the worklog before so i was totally stunned ...

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