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Thread: Playing DVDs causes BSOD

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    Default Playing DVDs causes BSOD

    Hey guys, so I've been having this issue with my DVD drive that I hope you can help me with. Pretty much anytime I put in a DVD to play on computer, doesn't matter what program I'm using, I get a BSOD.

    I know the drive works fine because I've installed various games through it, I can browse DVD contents, etc. It only happens when I try to play the DVD, like a DVD so to speak. I can access individual files and stuff on it and watch DVDs through that, but if I want to play it with the menu and home screen and everything, it crashes my computer.

    Sounds like an odd issue which is why I'm asking here haha. Would anyone happen to know how I can fix it or what could possibly be causing this issue?

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    Default Re: Playing DVDs causes BSOD

    Try reinstalling your DVD decoder.
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    Default Re: Playing DVDs causes BSOD

    Just a thought .... is the DVD drive set to the correct region for you? That might cause this sort of problem.


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    Default Re: Playing DVDs causes BSOD

    I would replace the ribbon cable first.
    Make sure you don't have and bent or broken pins on the back of your drive.

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    Default Re: Playing DVDs causes BSOD

    It doesn't sound like a physical issue. It sounds to me like your mpeg2 codec might be messed up. Does it crash while in the menus or while it's actually playing?

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