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Thread: Project: New Mustang GT

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    Default Project: New Mustang GT

    So I want to make a casemod based on the Mustang GT but unlike Tech-Daddy's (amazing) it will be based on the new 2005 and up Mustang body. So I was thinking of putting a hood scoop on top, but i want to try and make it a little different than that one and I just saw aphexcloud's Chevy case with that as well so maybe i wont do a hood scoop.

    Anyway I am thinking of putting the Mustang chrome horse logo on the front in front of the fanhole i will cut, and painting the case red, with black or white racing stripes down the middle. That is everything i have thought of so far i think.

    So here are the goods I have so far:
    My case: (Craigslist $10)

    Got this today!!!: (Craigslist free!) Thats the grill from a 2000 mustang and a standard air intake thing... or something. anyway the exciting part is the chrome mustang.

    More goodness today: Black & Decker Mouse sander (Home Depot $40)

    And one more thing: '95 Saturn left rearview mirror. Got knocked off my brothers car so i grabbed it when he got a new one. I dont know what Ill use it for. No i am not planning to stick a rearview mirror on my pc, i meant just the mirror part!

    So thats all for now. I have never made a worklog before and this is my second mod. (kind of) so I hope I am doing everything right!

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    Default Re: Project: New Mustang GT

    This should be interesting. I love car-themed mods, and I've got the same case, so I'm looking forward to seeing the results. +sub
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    Default Re: Project: New Mustang GT

    Go go big dog! Do your own flavor of the mod! Sounds like you have a good plan!

    As far as scoops go, if you want one, then do one! Just do it differently than others have done it!

    I have another mod in my head (amongst all of the other things dancing around trying to push their way to the front and get into a mod...) that uses a different type of scoop...

    It's still a scoop, and those will be used for ever!

    Just because you have seen others do something similar, dont let that dissuade you if you have a bitchen design.

    Go for it!
    (yeah I know... I need to update it... BUT I NEED TO MOD!!! )

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    Default Re: Project: New Mustang GT

    Thanks man! So i'm thinking of doing a hood scoop like this one:

    and not all the way across the top of the case. Ive got some bondo from my last mod but ill need some sheet metal or something to form it.

    And i have a question: my case here has the right side and top stuck together into one big piece, and that all riveted together to the chassis.

    so i wanted to paint the inside a solid color but i dont know how to do that without making it difficult when i want to paint the outside. I also dont want to un rivet the whole thing. I guess i could... but i dont want to. any suggestions?

    also another weird thing is 3/4ths of the bottom comes off but the other 1/4th is attached to that right side and top piece! it was attached with 2 screws and 1 pointless rivet.

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    Default Re: Project: New Mustang GT

    FYI.. the new Mustangs have (optional) color changing gauges. Being an LED junkie, I would try and incorporate that somewhere. Another cool thing would be to emulate the front lights on the GT's. Maybe grab some clear 80mm fans with white LED's and find a fan guard that matches the housing on the lights.


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    Default Re: Project: New Mustang GT

    Thanks for the ideas SgtM.
    Ive sanded down all the panels now.. Heres the only pic I have right now.

    More updates later hopefully.

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    Default Re: Project: New Mustang GT

    COOL... always love that car... what if you chuck in bits n parts from Shelby GT500 and the new 850bhp monster?

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    Default Re: Project: New Mustang GT

    I would love to do that but acquiring parts from a Shelby GT500 might be slightly over budget.

    So I drilled out all the rivets holding the side panel on... only to find out everything is actually secretly connected to the side/top panel. The Motherboard tray and drive bays are like welded or glued to the panel. So now i have to try to bolt it back together in a few places because some places are inaccessible.

    here is where it is stuck together. I would try to take it off that but then the whole case would fall apart. Mostly.

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    Default Re: Project: New Mustang GT

    I cut a hole in the case and bondoed up the front panel. needs more sanding.

    Thats a piece of pvc pipe in there.

    Mmmm... Mustang

    Im not sure if this hole is the normal size for the plate that snaps in there that came with my Motherboard, so i might need to do something about that... and there is not enough room for even an 80mm fan on the back here.

    Im gonna be gone for a week so no updates for a while.

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    Default Re: Project: New Mustang GT

    Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see the paint job.

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