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Thread: Plexi or Acrylic?

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    Default Plexi or Acrylic?

    OK I want to start etching either one but the question is: What one is better? Also were do You buy yours?

    P.S I live in United states if you dint notice my avatar.
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    Default Re: Plexi or Acrylic? is where I bought my stuff. I liked it a lot when I received it, nicely packaged with no damages to the surface.

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    Default Re: Plexi or Acrylic?

    Plexi and acrylic are the same thing. Plexiglas is a registered trademark name. There are two KINDS of acrylic though, cast and extruded. I strongly recommend the cast acrylic, as it is stronger, denser and has a much higher melting point. I recently did an all-acrylic scratchbuild and bought all my sheet material from estreet plastics as well. Very happy with the product, only complaint I had was ths shipping charges, but they have smaller pieces available that can't be found elsewhere. Check out their site, their selection is excellent.
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