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Thread: scratch plexi case builds

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    Default Re: scratch plexi case builds

    I am very pleased to bring you Plexi Case the Finally Also on a side note Happy Halloween
    her4es the new motherboard

    then one of all the pieces

    the power switch cable is to short

    so i extened it

    heres one of everything plugged in

    one of it up in my room right before i pressed the power button

    And no explosions it works

    and fianlly one of it up and running

    thanks for joining me on this mod, please check out my newer one Gamecube Pc that is all

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    Default Re: scratch plexi case builds

    It looks pretty nice, considering the material that you were working with. +rep
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    It's probably the extreme radiation from the nuclear core in your phone. Push the control rod all the way in.
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    Default Re: scratch plexi case builds

    very nice ... good work man
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    you tease!

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