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Thread: Project: PrometheusCu

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    I'm glad you liked my case mod. -Have you seen my custom LED RGB lighting controller I made for my XPS Laptop?

    Its funny, I bought some of the electronics for it from SparkFun.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    @rendermandanCool lights mate, I hadn't seen that. I'm thinking something similar for my mod only I want it to be automated, I want the lights to signal certain event changes (eg: water temp rising, water flow rate dropping, water level, etc). I love what you created there however, fantastic work... you may be getting some emails from me in the future in search of help.

    I did some extensive modding on my own laptop. I crammed a whole bunch of stuff into my eeePC...since doing this there has been a whole eeePC modding underworld develop. I've actually modded about 6 of these units here is another example, for good measure.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Ok i have to ask, where did you get the arduino board?, I can't find one for the life of me and the only place that i knew sold them has stopped selling microcontrollers

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    @mercerman318 -
    Quote Originally Posted by Langer View Post
    and with these comes a USB Arduino Control Board that will allow me to write a control program for the lighting inside the case.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    You have taken modding to a another level with this . .looks amazing! +Rep
    Your concept designs are obviously well thought out, and the fabrication is right on.
    Subscribed! Engraved copper plates were a nice touch. Badass!

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Awesome. Can't wait to see more.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Sorry for the lack of updates folks. I had to leave town unexpectedly for about 10-days.

    I'm back now and progress has been made with my CNC parts regardless of my absence.

    Tune in soon for it'll be a busy week.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Hey guys, thanks for the kind responses and concerns.

    Despite my hopes of coming back to a mailbox full of goodies, the only items that have arrived in my absence are the WiFi antennas, the 100x 3mm LEDs and the 100x LED mounts. I'll post some images of these later tonight.

    Still en-route are:
    30x 1"diameter x 3/4"tall copper rings.
    Female serial plug
    12xBlinkM RGB LEDs
    Arduino Control Board
    12x8oz cans of Krylon Premium Metallics Copper Brilliance Spray Paint
    CoolerMaster Aquagate (for the PICO unit)
    2.40mm Radiator
    Copper Hex Screws
    1250ft of custom designed and manufactured 18AWG ribbon wire
    Mips RAM-Freezer 4 memory water block.

    Yet to be shipped AquaCopmuter products:
    aquaero 4.00 USB Fan-Controller
    multiswitch USB 1.41
    aquastream XT Temperatursensor 70 cm
    Rotary elbow adapter G1/4
    2x aquagraFX for GTX 280 (G200) G1/4
    Durchflusssensor (FlowSensor) G1/4

    I haven't yet had a chance to meet up with my machinist to see how the precision cut aluminum prototypes are coming. I've not yet even begun to manufacture anything in copper plate... this will be the last step. I want to make everything from aluminum first to ensure that all the fits are perfect; however my machinist has informed me that he has cut out several aluminum parts and that they are looking good.

    Due to the hectic schedules of myself, my machinist, and my financial adviser (who wants me dead, I'm sure) coupled with MASSIVE shipping delays; I'm back to sitting around waiting for stuff to arrive.

    Until I get my prototype aluminum pieces I cant start the lighting or wiring because I wont know the exact placing.

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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    Got lots of gear heading your way mate.
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    Default Re: Project: PrometheusCu - Update #1: Aug 3rd

    A small overdue update for you all.

    Unfortunately my hands are still very much tied, due to many delays (mostly shipping), so progress has been minimal.

    I have complete a number of little things this week however:
    1- I have completed the lighting design.
    2- I've modified and uploaded my verison of pfSense to my Alix board, so it's working nicely now.
    3- I think I've completed my arduino lighting software, but I haven't yet got my arduino controller delivered so I don't know if it works as planned just yet.
    4- I began designing my front end software that will control my watercooling and run on the from 7" touch screen.
    5- I've also ordered a new keyboard, I love my apple slim keyboard but I was unable to find black key replacements for it so I've ordered the bluetooth version.
    It looks to me that the new macbooks and the slim bluetooth keyboard use the same keys at least I hope so because new replacement keys were about $2.50 a piece, so I ordered a complete set of black keys for the keyboard. I'll then make new copper housing for it to replace the stock apple aluminum. In theory this should make for a very sexy black/copper keyboard.

    Some of the items that have arrived in the mail since my last posting:
    Some of my lighting accessories:

    The 3mm LED housings that I will paint to look Copper Plated:

    White 3mm LEDs:

    Resistors that will let me run the LEDs from a 12volt source:

    And an assembly overview of what the LED holders look like:

    I also got my Laptop WIFI antennas, I will be using 2x antennas for each of the antenna outputs on the WiFi card.

    Lastly, my 40.2mm radiator has arrived, so once the aquagate gets here I'll be able to assemble my Pico-ITX watercooling system.
    This thing is so bloody tiny, sorry for the bad picture, but keep in mind it's only 40mm wide... too cool.

    I used the mill and a frighteningly precarious clamping technique to mill down the Pico's heat sink further

    I decided to take some pics of my workshop, it's very dirty and the equipment is tired, but it all does the job well enough:



    mill... strongarm style

    enerpac press, and sandblaster

    surface grinder

    I forgot to take pics of the drillpress, but I assume you all know what those look like.

    Here's the golden tool - 2.5axis router table

    I decided to make an homage to Canadian modding out of some spare carbon panel I had laying around.

    If the stars are aligned and my supplies arrive this week, expect HUGE progress over the next little while.

    Thanks for reading, and tune in soon.

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