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Thread: Project: Dark Carbon

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    Default Re: Project: Dark Carbon

    Wow, thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Project: Dark Carbon

    congrats man.!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Drum Thumper View Post
    you tease!

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    Default Re: Project: Dark Carbon

    Congrats for getting on the front cover of CPU Magazine Dan!

    Current projects:
    ON HOLDKarbon Kreation
    ON HOLDFish Tank Media PC

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    Default Re: Project: Dark Carbon

    Woot, finally took a trip through your worklog at long last .
    Kept meaning to properly look through this log & finally got to look through this beauty, real nice case Dan.
    Love that red annodise paint stuff going to see if I can get any of that, goes awesome with the jaw dropping carbon fibre, really nicely built, the hdd windows rock, I know I'm missing many cool things to comment on, but WOW in 100 foot capitals .

    Hmmm, the keyboard is 1 if not the best keyboard I have ever seen.

    Ultra crazy cool mod Dan, you really went to town at making this ultra bada$$ +rep 100 times lol .

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