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Thread: C&C GDI Powerplant PSU mod

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    Default C&C GDI Powerplant PSU mod

    Command & Conquer GDI Powerplant PSU mod

    This is the worklog of the second round in the Dutch competition of
    First round I came in third with my Wall-E DVD mod.
    This time the assignment was to mod a powersupply. Ok, initially I thought it would be difficult to imagine anything, the DVD player mod has at least something of moving parts where you can do anything. But fortunately, the kink in my brain gave me a new impuls and I think this is going to be fun.

    I still play many games and this time I used Command & Conquer as inspiration. What's is really beautiful to a PC power supply to mod it to a power supply of the GDI base. And so be it;

    Take a powersupply. (The crew of BouwEenPc will send us a Fortron Blue Storm PSU to mod, so here I use a mockup untill it arrives)

    An old lamp foot of a lava lamp.

    Two CPU fans out of the dark and ancient catacombs of my room.

    Some red CCLs to create a bit of atmosphere.

    Liver pate.

    Unscrew the light bulb from the foot.

    Mount the foot on the powersupply.

    Attach the liver pate on the side and mount the two CPU fans on top.

    This is how the mock-up looks like now.

    And this is how it looks in the game.

    Imagine here some hours of manuel labor in between ....

    With Vikureen I will model some parts and think it will be a nice mod, underneath the large tower a red (heat) fire and underneath the two CPUs are blue LEDs (cool). I will eat the liver pate and there I will make some little mini-towers.

    Here you see the two CPU fans, stripped of everything which is not necessary.

    The liver pate replacements; two cans of exactly the right size.

    What pieces of PVC waste .....

    .... come on the side of the cans

    a found a piece of perforated plastic.

    Ideal for the railing of the big cooling tower.

    So you see how that comes out, the bottom edge will become a black and yellow warning stripe.

    And here you see how I go to work on the basis of the prints from the game itself.
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    Default Re: C&C GDI Powerplant PSU mod


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    Default Re: C&C GDI Powerplant PSU mod

    Subscribed as well. Love this game!!!
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    Default Re: C&C GDI Powerplant PSU mod

    There just ain't enough PSU mods out there. +sub
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    Default Re: C&C GDI Powerplant PSU mod

    Dude this is so gonna rock +rep

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    Default Re: C&C GDI Powerplant PSU mod

    This is going to be a great mod. +sub

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    Default Re: C&C GDI Powerplant PSU mod

    he has done alot more but has not updated /... it is agreat mod and i have been waiting for it to come to tbcs....

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    you tease!

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    Default Re: C&C GDI Powerplant PSU mod

    great setup so far, love it!!!

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    Default Re: C&C GDI Powerplant PSU mod

    Gonna be great man, can't wait the see it finished.
    sub and +rep
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    Default Re: C&C GDI Powerplant PSU mod

    Thanx guys, I hope you won't be disapointed. Here goes !

    The PSU has arrived. A Forton Blue Storm 400 Watt.

    After I opened it and removed the fan, you see what room I have left.

    Lots of wasted space, the entire supply fits in a box of 150 x 115 x 50 mm.
    Ok, I have to reroute the power entrance and the on/off switch too.

    Made a box around the PSU as tight as possible. Also the large hole for the exhaust fan.

    Used a smaller fan then the standard Fortron fan.

    With the lamphousing on top, here you can also see that the cables are now coming out on the side.

    looking closely at the images from the game, I build here a small exit-portal.

    On the sloping roof, I will make a GDI logo, after the spraypaint.

    The back (or is it front?), here come the two intakes.

    I make them half inside the case, and in the towers holes for the air to pump through.

    Here you see where they will be positioned, but I need to cut some of the height.

    The front (or back?), I tried as good as possible to copy the measurments from the drawings.

    Here is a close-up of the side.

    And as he looks in the game at that spot.


    So sorry to hassle you guys,but the voting has started here in Holland for best casemod and best caseconstruction. I am participating this time with my R2-D2 mod. If you want you can vote for me at website
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