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Thread: Windows Network Folders Help

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    Default Windows Network Folders Help

    I need help setting up file and folder permissions on an XP machine.

    I have a drive on my computer that contains a collection of personal and general files. I want to share all of these files, but only some with certain users. For example, I want an Administrator to have Read-Only access to all folders, but Read/Write access to some, and a Regular user to have Read-Only access to some, and Read/Write access to one folder. Furthermore, I only want 1 shared folder that handles all of these permissions; it makes it easier to just mount 1 folder as a network drive rather than 9 or 10.

    Is this even possible, and if so, how do I set these permissions? I've always had trouble with Windows File Sharing not working as expected.

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    Default Re: Windows Network Folders Help

    I think you are trying to achive the inpossible.

    i belive that windows xp only uses the guest account when accessing shares. i think it uses accual accounts when the simple filre sharing is turned off and get prompted with a login box

    if all the folders are not sub folders of the main one then there will be more then one shared folder.

    you can go down the route of creating a group and adding users to that group and set the file permissions to the group. or applying the permissions to inbuilt groups such as administrator, then any administor who logs into the share can then access the share.
    what is kinda bad because a administrator of computer x can access it.

    it would be far better to say admin with the account name of john is apart of my own group called "myadmins"

    but that is all depending on the fact that xp reconizes the login as so and so and not guest. il dive into finding out if no one else comments. hope that helps
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    Default Re: Windows Network Folders Help

    If it's a WinXP Pro machine, check out the tools - folder options, and scroll down to find "simple file sharing". Turn that off, and you can assign permissions as needed. (as long as the volume is NTFS)

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    Default Re: Windows Network Folders Help

    as skkyline said,

    It can be done but it would ibnvlove setting up user groups and then allowing all users groups to see the root folder, but the sub folders therein would only be accessable to some groups and not others.

    I would be a pain in the arse to troubeshot should somehthing go wrong

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