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    Question Keyboard Question

    Iwas wondering if this keyboard would work with my Vista PC? I think it looks sexy but I don't know if it will work!

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    Well, having read the horror story about Apple refusing to honour the warranty, it sounds like the guy bought it for use with a PC. So he thinks it'll work.

    And from another review:
    "Works in Vista with the exception of the function keys, which can be remapped with a third party program, mostly."

    So there's your answer.

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    Sorry I didn't read all the reviews and couldn't get back quicker. Thanks for the help.

    Instead of making a new topic, I was wondering if anybody new of a good video capture software for like a webcam or a capture card?

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    I have the smaller version of that keyboard (no arrow keys or numpad) for my Mac mini, and I love it. It takes a bit to get used to for typing, but otherwise a great, solid, and very cool keyboard.

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