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Thread: Why did you join TBCS?

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    Default Why did you join TBCS?

    This is an explanatory thread for all the users here, to let some of us get to know your others' backstories.

    1. Why did you start modding?

    2. Why did you join TBCS?

    3. What was the inspiration or reason for your first mod?

    1. I have been into BYOPC for the past three years, and to me modding was the next logical step. I had seen plenty of cool mods through StumbleUpon, and honestly I was most intrigued by the Doom3 and R2D2 mods. Imagine my surprise when I figured out prominent TBCS members made them.

    2. I Googled "computer case modding" and TBCS was the first forum to pop up. It seemed like an exceptionally friendly place, and I joined immediately. In my short, 6 month time span of modding, I have yet to join another modding forum.

    3. My first case is/was Passion. My girlfriend needs a new computer, and she wants to be able to game so I bit the bullet and built her a computer instead of having her dad buy her another POS laptop. As many have mentioned, I have a good looking girlfriend and I'm genuinely smitten with her, so the theme for Passion came naturally.

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    Default Re: Why did you join TBCS?

    1. I started modding after I built my first pc and wanted to pimp it out.

    2. Like most Googled Case modding lurked for a few weeks then joined!

    3. Wanted to pimp my case and make it CS themed as that was my favorite game at the time.
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    Default Re: Why did you join TBCS?

    I think there was a thread like this earlier this month. But that might have been what got you into casemodding.

    I was looking for NES PCs on google and found one of D_Stilgar's here.
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    Default Re: Why did you join TBCS?

    i am more into the performance of computers vs the looks. but that being said i like all the mods here and enjoy looking at them.

    1. i have done a couple of mods that i basically did as a result of joining the site. (altoids mouse, half completed window mod, failed windowed hard drive mod (i knew that would happen), and little things here and there)

    2. i can't remember if i googled computer forum or computer modding or something along those lines but tbcs was the first thing that showed up on google. i joined and 3400 posts later i am still here.

    3. to be honest the main reason for my mouse mod was for rep, i admit it i was a pretty big rep whore... i've long since gotten over that and now just lurk around and help when it comes to building pcs and water cooling loops.
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    Default Re: Why did you join TBCS?

    1. ive always been a very "custom" person. ive always tinkered with things, taken them apart chaged them up etc. my first custom loves were paintball markers. then one night i was hanging out with some friends playing some counterstrike and started getting into computers and how they worked. so of course custom case was next.

    2. i cant even answer this question. it happened wayyy too long ago, but im sure when i was looking into modding i came across doom 3... or i had seen pauls book and got the web address from there. i really cant say lol

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    Default Re: Why did you join TBCS?

    I joined to learn.
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    Default Re: Why did you join TBCS?

    DF was into modding a long time before me, and he was about halfway through Moditor when he told me 'Chris, you watch me mod all the time and say that its pretty cool, so now youre gonna do one yourself'. After that, I ordered my Hush and began work after a very light think-session with DF. Joining TBCS was always going to happen becasue of DF and him telling me all about it, so I thought, yeah, why not?

    And thats about it.

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    Default Re: Why did you join TBCS?

    1. My first computer was a salvaged P100 that I had to "mod" to get a CD-ROM drive in it (it was a weird industrial format motherboard-daughterboard configuration). So I began modding out of necessity.

    2. I used to lurk around the forums/site before the current site design, back when Paul Capello was in the middle of building Doom3: Project Mars City. Really liked the quality of work going on in the mods on this site, including the many HP case mods by Defyant.

    3. My first "mod" of new equipment was a wooden hard drive enclosure, inspired by some of the wood mini ITX computer mods that I've seen around the internet. Haven't done anything that I've deemed 'internet worthy', yet, though two projects are in the works (time is a big problem for me at the moment due to classes).

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    Default Re: Why did you join TBCS?

    I saw that it was a very knowledgeable group of kind, mature people. Members work together with pretty much anything anyone has to post and all without bickering, flaming or judging.

    I enjoy working on computers and although I'm not too into the DIY customizing aspect of modding, I enjoy reading about new tricks some of you share not to mention the worklog threads demonstrating the insane amount of creativity and soul you guys put into your work.

    I joined this forum to learn from others and to share what I can but mostly I joined because of the community. There's a lot of good people here... If I wanted just information my home page would instead be Google.

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    Default Re: Why did you join TBCS?

    1. Ive always loved to tinker with things/build things.

    2. it was actually rendermandans moterized madness that led me here, after about fifteen minutes of lurking i joined.

    3. the insperation for my fist mod?...well if you can call my lexa a mod, i did it because i love to water cool things

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