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Thread: Trading Post Rules & Disclaimer

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    Default Trading Post Rules & Disclaimer

    Hello, and welcome to TBCS's Trading Post! Here you can buy or sell things, computer related or not!

    But, before you buy or sell anything, make sure you read and understand these rules!

    1. No selling drugs, alcohol, weapons, pornography, or other illegal items (illegal, in this context, means illegal to own if you're under 18. TBCS has a fairly large userbase of minors, so lets keep it all family friendly)

    2. You must list a price when posting an ad for an item or items. The price is allowed to be flexible ("OBO" prices are acceptable), however you can not simply say "tell me what you think it's worth". If you want an item appraised for it's approximate value, look it up on eBay, but don't clutter the forums here with appraisal requests. To reduce thread clutter, please keep price negotiations between buyer/seller via PM, E-mail, IMing or other communications outside of the thread.

    3. eBay links are acceptable IF: 1. You own and are selling the item AND 2. you put 'eBay' at the beginning of the thread title. Craigslist ads are allowed under the same condition. You must own the ad and place "CL" at the beginning of the thread title. CL and eBay ads you don't own should go under Hot Hardware Deals.

    Disclaimer, BE SURE TO READ THIS:
    While TBCS does have an interest in protecting it's members, we can not be held accountable for the actions (or lack thereof) of other buyers/sellers. If you have a dispute or problem with another buyer/seller, the TBCS staff team will NOT resolve your issue with them. TBCS's Trading Post is merely a way for buyers/sellers to find sellers/buyers. THAT IS IT. Otherwise, all normal TBCS rules still apply.

    Make sure to read this thread constantly so you're familiar with these rules, both for your sake and for the fact that we plan on updating them in the future.

    Happy Trading!
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