The title of your post should include enough information so people reading through the forums can scan quickly for what they're looking for. Aside from putting "Wanted" and "For Sale" in front of your post and "eBay" after that (if applicable), the post title should include a brief product description (such as "eVGA 7800GT PCI-e 16x Graphics Card") and your city/state (or Zip code, such as "Santa Rosa, CA" or "94501"). This helps people know what it is and where you are.

Using "FS", "T", and "W" instead of "For Sale", "Trade" and "Wanted" is acceptable. Using "FS/T" and "W/T" is acceptable, however please do not group things you're wanting to sell with things you want to buy (unless it's just a plain ol' Trade thread).

Once inside your post, a brief but detailed description should be included. One that doesn't bore the reader, but provides an accurate portrayal of the item for sale. The price should be in bold at the end of the description and should say either "$x Shipped" or "$x + shipping" so people will know if they need to account for shipping.

Pictures should be included of every major aspect of the item, but not boringly so. A single 2mp image of a speaker system (with the grilles off, so the buyer can see the quality of the cones, assuming the grilles are removable) would work, but for an item like a computer case, several angles (top, back, 3/4 front, etc) would be best. There is a one-picture minimum for every item you're selling. Failure to do so will result in post deletion.

It is acceptable (and encouraged, to cut down on clutter) to post multiple items up in the same thread. Please list prices in a clear manner (a list at the top/bottom or the price under the image of the item is best), and make sure you have at least one picture of everything. The title of your thread need not say everything that you're selling (some titles would get too long), so, for example: "For Sale: Old CPUs, some HDDs and assorted other stuff - Dayton, OH" is perfectly acceptable. Make sure you go into better detail about the items once inside the post.

Once the item is sold or bought, edit the first post to say so and lock the thread (thread starters have the power to do that). LEAVE THE PRICE UP, SO FUTURE BUYERS/SELLERS HAVE A FRAME OF REFERENCE.