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Thread: Show the Pets!

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    Default Re: Post Your Pet Pictures!

    No Spiders or Snakes eh?
    I was thinking about getting a scorpion.

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    Default Re: Post Your Pet Pictures!

    I have four cats currently, my parents pets really, but meh, I love 'em like they're my own. Here are two of the four, I don't have pictures of the other ones on this pc currently. We rescued these two sisters from outside of our home one winter day.

    I did have a baby green iguana, but I went away touring and traveling across the west coast one summer and when I came back, my mother apparently didn't care enough to make sure it was doing well. ..or clean out his cage very often, if at all. So it was very sick by the time I got back, then it passed away not too long after.

    But man, when I cleaned that sucker out, there had to of been at least a hundred crickets hiding under rocks and whatnots, it was FREAKISH. Like some kind of awful horror movie really. I tipped that thing upside down and ran for my life, grabbed the hose, and proceeded to send those little demons back from whence they came. I guess I wasn't tapped into the holy water reservoir, because the water didn't affect them at all, they just kept hopping away in all direction. lol
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    Default Re: Post Your Pet Pictures!

    scarlett begging

    when she was just a little puppy!

    christmas time!
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    ber is id elicous
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    Default Show the Pets!

    Well everyone shows off your computers, cars, houses...ETC. Lets see the pets and how cute (did I just say that?) they are!

    Here is my four furry footed buddy!

    It's like JFK announcing the moon mission. He had no expertise in space travel, and no way of knowing if it would work. He just announced "we're going to the moon" and then they made it happen because everyone was on the same page and working towards the same goal. If he had said "well, let's get some people in space, and we'll see how far out we can get, and if I find someone to make a rocket strong enough, we could possibly approach the moon's orbit and maybe land" it wouldn't have happened.

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    Default Re: Show the Pets!

    Here's my cat, Porkchop

    Quote Originally Posted by mDust View Post
    Maybe an unusually fast, mentally-impaired turtle with a boot warmer tucked into his shell...but not a normal one.

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    Default Re: Show the Pets!

    Hers my best bud Bailey

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    Default Re: Show the Pets!

    Here's some more of TBCS's pets. Cute pets you guys have though. I really should get some more pics of Haley (now a boy) and his little sis Bella. Alb has grown so much too lol.

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    Default Re: Show the Pets!

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    I might as well post our brood...

    Neo the dog

    George the Cat

    and Max the KING.

    We had to get rid of this guy, he got too big and aggressive.

    Edward the Turtle

    He's a snapping turtle. My wife found him struggling across a parking lot. He was small enough to fit in the bottom of a stryofoam cup, so we set him up in an aquarium. We had him for about 2 years. When he got big enough to swallow a feeder fish whole before it would hit the water, we decided the he could probably take the end of one of the kids fingers off! So we set him free in my parents creek.
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    Default Re: Show the Pets!

    Where to start?
    3 dogs:
    8yr. old blind diabetic Black Lab - we do an Insulin shot every day at 5PM and a Hot Dog
    Miniature Dachshound

    3 cats:
    Norwegian Forest Cat
    and a Calico

    3 Parakeets
    2 Cockatiels
    and a Morning Dove.

    There are also 19 reptiles and 2 Poison Dart Frogs around the house

    Go here:

    and wonder around in Marilyn and Iguana and you'll find critters most everywhere.

    What's that ?
    The worlds only carbon fiber cased water cooled C-7 Jetway mini-ITX computer.
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