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Thread: Project: Pawned!

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    Yeah, it shouldn't disappoint. If you've been enjoying the first I gaurantee you'll like the second. Like I said it has its ups and downs as far as interface and other small changes go. But for the most part its just another great game.

    Quote Originally Posted by BerticusPryme View Post
    looks good man. one thing I learned is that when cutting any type of plastic or acrylic like that with a hole saw run it in reverse and melt through it works alot easier.
    I guess I'm not sure how to reverse the direction on the drill press I've got. I will say that drilling that thing out was a pain in the arse. I suppose I could use a power drill and reverse direction, but for a hole that size I'm not sure that would be very fun either.

    I'm just glad its cut and I don't have to do it again...

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    Front panel is coming along very nicely. ^_^
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