View Poll Results: How BIG is Your Monitor?

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  • 17 inches or less LCD

    5 8.20%
  • 19 to 22 inches LCD

    21 34.43%
  • Bigger than 22 inches LCD

    12 19.67%
  • TV/LCD

    6 9.84%
  • Multiple Monitors

    16 26.23%
  • I still have my CRT

    1 1.64%
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Thread: How BIG is Your Monitor?

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    Default Re: How BIG is Your Monitor?

    Quote Originally Posted by si-skyline View Post
    I like the one guy who has CRT :
    I still got my old 21 inch crt thing weights like 100 pounds it bent my desk when it was on it..

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    Default Re: How BIG is Your Monitor?

    i am the only one who has no flat screen tvs or monitors
    and my CRT monitor is 16 inches
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    Write your will before you turn it on

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    Default Re: How BIG is Your Monitor?

    28" LCD here, 1920x1200
    water-cooled m-atx: (sold)
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    Default Re: How BIG is Your Monitor?

    that depend on the computer I'm working on...

    main comp (living room) 32" LCD TV
    main work comp at home 2x 19" wide
    main work comp at work (my brand new enterprise) 2x 21 LCD

    also have a couple of 19" wide around the house for the gf and the kids
    and a couple of 17" CRT for server and 5yo daugther

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