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Thread: Another little puzzle

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    Default Another little puzzle

    Unlike the previous one, you don't have to be John Nash to figure it out

    It's a crappy mobile phone picture, so excuse the quality.

    The question is, where does the 'hole' at the bottom come from?

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    Default Re: Another little puzzle

    It deals with the slope of the triangles. The red triangle's slope is 3/8, or .375, while the green triangle is 2/5, or .4. This is evident by that little voice in the back of your head telling you the top drawing bows in while the bottom drawing bows out.

    Therefore, the entire drawing isn't really a triangle since the two interior triangles have different slopes. This makes the entire drawing a polygon which allows it to be rearranged as so with with same area.
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    Default Re: Another little puzzle

    I remember doing that puzzle in middle school.

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    Default Re: Another little puzzle

    Man, this kinda stuff is so cool, Everytime I see these awesome little puzzles I wish i was better at math.
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