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Thread: Project Clockwork vII

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    Default Re: Project Clockwork vII

    Simply Amazing work! Can't wait to see more!
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    Default Re: Heart of the Machine - Part 2

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    Default Re: Project Clockwork vII

    Awesome .

    I sure didn't see that coming, the rust paint job looks perfect, the bulbs with el wire inside and the awesome plaque (good find) is the cherry on the cake, nice work mate , going to be an epic mod when you're done, just keeps getting better woohoo .

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    Default Re: Project Clockwork vII

    Just beautiful. I love the vacuum tubes...if you could get a mini-jacob's-ladder-ish thing going between those two ears on the center one, it would be perfect

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    Default Re: Project Clockwork vII

    Funny you should mention that. I was actually planning a jacob's ladder somewhere in or on the thing, but I decided the voltages involved were probably not a good idea that close to my hardware.

    That's not to say I've entirely written the idea off as an accessory...
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    Default Re: Project Clockwork vII

    after looking this over (and believe me, it's SO hard to nitpick on such an amazing build), I would advise sticking the EL wire you have around the plaque into tubing like you have on top of the PSU cover. (did someone else already suggest this? I feel like I read something similar earlier...but I'm tired and I don't feel like going back and checking ) anyway. I think if you do that, it'll straighten it out nicely, and it'll meld better with the rest of the cover. looks sweet though, love the purple!

    How soon can you build me one?
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    Default Re: Project Clockwork vII

    Man that looks awesome i love the el wire and old tubes i know i get kinda sick thinking about all the cool stuff like that i had access to before i heard of modding . +rep dude loosk great

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    Default Re: Project Clockwork vII

    Congrats on that work dude!! I liked a lot when the little gears started moving XD didn't think your plans included that!!

    And those old tubes with EL wire are simply awesome!!!

    I want moreee!!!!

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    Default Re: Project Clockwork vII

    I can't believe I missed this update until now! Simply awesome!

    The other thing I can't believe, is that we haven't moved this to the Featured section!

    Well I can fix that right now!

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    Default Re: Project Clockwork vII

    Congrats BoB!!! I missed that too, very cool effect with the EL wire. I just love clever solutions
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