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    So, after a bit of looking just now, I realized that it wasn't developed by BethSoft, just published by them. That makes more sense now why it's not on PC; though looking more at their history, there were a few games that they didn't release for PC..though not many, and their plan of late seems to be to just develop their games for all platforms (ok, not Wii, but honestly, does anyone really wanna see Oblivion on a Wii?).
    yeah, oblivion on wii would probably look worse than morrowind XD
    i don't know why nintendo couldn't have put some decent hardware in the wii

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    that's ?%&&*% great what we do in Montreal

    Anyone who think a computer is sexy need to #$? and fast

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    ya i was worried re5 would have been for just the wii, thankfully it wasn't. i love nintendo and my wii but they should have put a little more horse power under the plastic casing.
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    I played the demo just the other day. The controls were ok, and I thought it was pretty good, until the car chase part. It was just ridiculous trying to aim at anything so I didn't shoot a thing and just got through by hitting the buttons.

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