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Thread: Anyone who welds should read this

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    Default Anyone who welds should read this

    You might think brake cleaner would be fairly innocuous when used as a cleaner before mig on

    Brake Cleaner = Phosgene Article

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    Default Re: Anyone who welds should read this

    Holy sheet! Scary stuff indeed. Thanks for the articcle.

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    Default Re: Anyone who welds should read this

    oh man! That's sad I feel bad for that dude now
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    Default Re: Anyone who welds should read this

    holy ****. I think the title should be anyone who welds or knows anyone that welds. This is some crazy stuff.

    Just think this stuff used to be used in past wars.

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    Default Re: Anyone who welds should read this

    OMFG.. I'll be sure to mention this to my dad and his mechanics!

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    Default Re: Anyone who welds should read this

    Holy ****!
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    Default Re: Anyone who welds should read this


    Talk about reading warnings. That's bizarre.


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    Default Re: Anyone who welds should read this

    I've never used brake cleaner before welding, but I'm sure gonna check contents of whjat I do use.
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    Default Re: Anyone who welds should read this

    hmm, my brother uses it all the time, and i when i get a can of it, though mine is non-chlorinated.

    reminds me of when i drilled a hole in the bottom of a empty can of airbrush propellant and got this purple liquid on my arm and burnt like crazy for a few days and left me with a rash.
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    Default Re: Anyone who welds should read this

    Thanks for the link, I had no idea about the brake cleaner. (I always use starting fluid, haven't found anything that works as well.)

    Certain kinds of refrigerant will do the same thing, like R-12. And they used to use a torch as a leak tester on older systems. If the flame changed color it was hitting refrigerant, so you knew your leak was there. Of course, you were also generating poison gas right in front of your face, but at least you located that pesky freon leak.
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