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Thread: Putting a Face to the Names

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    Default Re: Putting a Face to the Names

    Current Projects: Lobo | Unimatrix | High Voltage | Antec 900 Revamp (Phase 2)
    Completed Projects: General Lee | Synergy Green | Liquid Yellow
    Planned Projects: K-9-PC | Limey

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    Default Re: Putting a Face to the Names

    You look like Kerry King.

    *EDIT* ...except happier.

    Quote Originally Posted by Twigsoffury View Post
    I tape my wallet to my cat.

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    Default Re: Putting a Face to the Names

    loving the orangey black hawk altec!
    Quote Originally Posted by Drum Thumper View Post
    you tease!

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    Default Re: Putting a Face to the Names

    This is the only remotely recent photo of me that exists.

    The fedora is a semi-permanent addition.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mitternacht View Post
    Everyone else had quotes, and I didn't. I figured the next funny thing I see I'd throw in my sig.
    Quote Originally Posted by Luke122 View Post
    Jon, the whole post is about building a bong that changes its own water.
    Gee, it damn sure took me long enough to find and add the origin of the first quote...

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