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Thread: internet speed test in mbps

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    Default internet speed test in mbps

    i would like to test my internet speed in mbps,last week i test my internet speed here , it shown in kbps i need the right website to test in mbps,please let me know if there is anything.

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    I think this is spam jocoolguy has signed up to a lot of internet forums recently and this exact post is cross posted elsewhere. Most forums I see him on he has posted once at most.

    Jo .. just in case your a real person try the bandwidth calculator here:

    You will find that to convert from kbps (as opposed to KB/S) to mbps you need to ... YES! divide by 1000. If you wanted it in KB/S you divide by 8 and if you want it in MB/S you divide by 8000. thats because 8 b = 1 B and K = 1000.


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