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Thread: Game Review: Arkham Asylum

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    Default Game Review: Arkham Asylum

    A new story entry has been added:

    [drupal=398]Game Review: Arkham Asylum [/drupal]

    I was lucky enough to procure a copy of Arkham Asylum on its release date, and I've summarily thrashed it about, in the best interest of you-my readers. And now, put on your cape and cowl, Joker's gotten loose in the Asylum... It's up to you to stop him, yet again.

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    Default Re: Game Review: Arkham Asylum

    this game is so awsome started it out on hard, and it really was. when i beat the game, i used 2.5 hours looking for the last riddles etc found them all! and damn it was hard..

    i enjoyd this game to the max, and have no doubts that its gonna take a long time, before another game comes out, that i am going to dig myself THIS much into!

    and nice review!
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