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Thread: Strange Track in the Snow

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    Default Strange Track in the Snow

    So I've got a strange mystery for you guys; perhaps you can help me solve it.
    Heres the story:
    On Tuesday I got home around 12 midnight. My dad got home about an hour later, and when he did he called me outside to see something weird. There was a single track that went up our driveway, over the sidewalk, up onto our snowy lawn, then over into our neighbors yard. The track was very weird; it was a single track (not like a two-wheeled item), about 4 inches wide, was perfectly smooth, and wasn't accompanied by any other tracks. Now, this track hadn't been there an hour early when I got home.

    So I go across the street first to see where it started in that direction. Sure enough right across the street I found where it started (or stopped).

    (All the footprints in the picture are mine from walking around it).
    It kinda came to an abrupt stop with 4 or 5 sprays outward. There were no footprints around it when I arrived, so no one picked it up.

    Now I proceed to follow the other way. I followed it across my neighbors driveway, their yard, then on. This track went all the way up my block. It seemed to be completely random not going to any particular spot or staying in certain areas. It went across driveways, lawns, the sidewalk and the parkway. After following for a sec I saw the next weird aspect about it. It made a 90 degree turn, perfectly sharp. Right there I threw all of my possible ideas. I continued to follow it up our block. At the corner yard it looped around itself several times then went to the backyard of the corner house and came back out on the side street. So I followed it further. It followed the sidewalk for a while then turned on to the next street over. It continued down this street doing the same stuff it did on my street and then it came to an abrupt stop with only some animal tracks around it:

    So, I am completely puzzled as to what on earth could've made this path.

    If you guys have any clue what this could be, please throw out your ideas!

    Thanks for reading,

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    Default Re: Strange Track in the Snow

    Beaver, dragging its tail.
    You love my sig.

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    Default Re: Strange Track in the Snow

    Maybe it's Scuzzlebutt coming to weave us into wicker baskets.
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    Default Re: Strange Track in the Snow

    Ultrawide unicycle...with foam tires...and a beginner rider...who floats...

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    Default Re: Strange Track in the Snow

    rc car with a snowplow behind it and the ability of crab steering?
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    Default Re: Strange Track in the Snow

    Its Mothman dude!!! Don't believe me? Check out this thread on another board.

    But in all seriousness could it be some neighborhood teen playing a prank with a rock tied to a string? Or a firework of some sort that was lit while on its side? that would explain the "star burst" streaks

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    Default Re: Strange Track in the Snow

    my first thought was "empty soda can, being blown along by the wind".

    But the disappearance at the end with the "streaks" confuses me mightily.

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    Default Re: Strange Track in the Snow

    Could be a snake.

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    Default Re: Strange Track in the Snow

    A very few snakes could move in snow, but that would kill even them being exposed and active during this time of year. I dunno. ManBearPig, I guess.
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