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Thread: Modding my NC10 (netbook)

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    Default Modding my NC10 (netbook)

    Hi guys. Later today I am going to put in an order for a touchscreen kit for my little samsung netbook. While I have the unit apart, what else do you think I could do? The touchscreen kit gives me 2 extra USB headers. All I can think of is a really small and fast USB flash drive for use with Windows ReadyBoost.

    Backlighting for the keyboard would be awesome, but would be way too much work and would require skills/knowledge beyond me

    I could probably get a really small USB WIFI adapter and put that in there. There is already WIFI in the netbook, but if I want to put the HD Video Accelerator Card that I have seen around in there at any point, I've either got to solder a connector directly onto the motherboard, or take out the existing WIFI.

    So if you have any ideas for what I could add, please comment
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    Default Re: Modding my NC10 (netbook)

    More wifi, more bluetooth, flashdrive, gps, ummm...lights? That's about all I can think of atm.

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    Default Re: Modding my NC10 (netbook)

    Mod some angled LED's and an on/off switch into the LCD faceplate so that when you open up your Netbook you have a front lit keyboard! :p
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