The key features

* Dedicated single 12V-rail, powering a total of 60A
* 100% real wattage - this PSU delivers what it claims to do!
* Smart Modular - all modular cables have the same type of connection, making it easy to connect the way you want and also making it future proof
* Silent (135mm fan) and 80 PLUS certified - save your ears and the environment
* Quality - Durability and extremely low failure rate
* Five years warranty

Smart Modular!
With having an universal connection from the PSU, it makes it easier to connect your perihperals the way you want.

The power and efficiency - 80 PLUS!
When you buy a Fractal Design power supply, you can rest assured that you get what you pay for. 100% real wattage, we guarantee that it can run with continous load on the specified wattage. One other important factor with this PSU is that it has a very good efficiency, well over 80% and 80 PLUS certified by the 80 PLUS organisation.

The silence
Apart from being powerful, this power supply won't break your ears. On the contrary, it will be hard to know if it's actually running or not! With a hand picked, high quality 135mm fan mounted with rubber fittings, the fan will only spin as much as needed under the different loads. The high efficiency of well over 80% is crucial, since it minimizes the heat the power supply emits, enabling the fan to spin at lower speeds and be more silent.

The Quality
Every manufacturer claims to have this, but we have real life numbers to show: less than 1% in RMA rate is an impressively low number. We value durability when creating our power supplies, we never choose to save costs when choosing the components inside the power supply. As an example, we use long durable japanese capacitors in the PSU.


* 80 PLUS certified
* 800W continous load capacity, 1000W peak load capacity
* At normal load (<350W) the fan speed will be lower than 670rpm
* Extra long cables to support full tower cases
* Industrial grade, high quality Japanese capacitors for optimal performance and reliability
* Active PFC delivers clean and reliable power
* Supports ATX12V 2.3, EPS12V 2.91/2.92 and older ATX12V v2.01
* Full range universal input 115V-230V
* Over Current/Voltage/Power Protection, Under Voltage Protection and Short Circuit Protection
* Safety approvals for CE, EMC and LVD
* Multi-language manual
* Size (D x W x H, mm): 155 x 150 x 86

Cable configuration
1x 20/24-pin, 1x 8pin(4+4pin), 4x PCI-Express, 12x SATA connectors, 10x Molex 4-pin connectors, 1x Floppy

Fixed cables

* 1x 20/24-pin
* 1x 8(4+4)-pin

Modular cables

* 4x PCI-express 8-pin(6+2) cable, each 45cm long
* 2x SATA cable, 4 connectors, total 95cm long
* 1x SATA cable, 4 connectors, total 80cm long
* 1x Molex 4-pin cable, 4 connectors, total 95cm long
* 1x Molex 4-pin cable, 4 connectors, total 80cm long
* 1x Molex 4-pin/Floppy cable, 2+1 connectors, total 65cm long

And now that guys like photos!

When we opened the box contains everything properly arranged in two bags that also serve to protect! In my view could be of cloth provides another quality and protection

The exposure of the whole set!

So here is the little girl one has no doubt look very simple and beautiful, have a button I / O which lights up when connected to an LED without much intensity, even something mild!

The fan provides a beautiful effect in this set matching the range of branded products and to highlight the extremely low noise it provides even being almost inaudible, i really don't realize that she was on ! The specifications of the same painted on one side!

And now what i have to say about this PSU! He undoubtedly has a good sleeve in power cables, SATA, PCI-E, Molex sinning have the tip in a clamp which does not provide a clean air we like so much. Cable 20/24-pinos is arguably the worst of the sleeve assembly is even visible through the sleeve colors of the cables that go inside! A note also to the 2 clamps at the beginning of the source output that is bad !

Now let's strip the girl ! A special attention since the opening of the same invalidate any warranty!

* Construction Quality
* Japanese capacitors
* Extremely low noise

* Cable Sleeving 20/24 pin
* Ties in power cables

A special thanks to Mr Jens the Sales Manager of Fractal for having made available these beautiful gifts!

I hope you enjoy and give your righteousness!