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Thread: Few of my photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liquid_Scope_99 View Post
    i like # 1 also
    Quote Originally Posted by BS Mods View Post
    Those are really nice. I like them all.
    Thanks guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by Oneslowz28 View Post
    #1. I love this shot. What was your setup and lighting placement? What did you use to put the bottles in motion?

    #2. Exposure is great. It gives the photo a sense of "the last ride of the day" I would have liked to see a little less sky though and maybe a crop bringing the surfer more to the left. It is a wonderful shot though.

    #3. This shot is breath taking. Again I would have cropped to less sky. Most likely where the clouds begin to break. Also would have cropped to the boat was following the rule of 3rds a bit more for composition sake.

    #4. This shot is well composed and very vibrant. I like it. The clouds draw my eyes up the photo and the rocks bring them back down.

    #5. This is the definition of perfection. Time of day is perfect. Composition is as good as it gets and you exposed the snow and sky very well. The fence draws my eye all over the photo. This one could win awards.

    #6. I like the shot. Train track shots are always appealing as the tracks draw the eye to where ever they lead. I would have liked to see the tracks at a little more of an angle but that's just personal taste.
    Thanks man I'm always open to feedback so I really appreciate it!

    For #1 I set up a small black table out back with a black sheet hung on the fence in the background, two bare flashes one camera right and the other left and behind the table. I had a friend drop/throw the bottle at the table and then clicked the shutter after it bounced, the camera was on a tripod about 10 feet away from the table. I used a fast shutter speed and small aperture to kill the sun, freeze the bottle, and make sure everything was in focus.

    And I would have loved to get a tighter crop on #3 but my lens was maxed out lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by burntheland View Post
    As a photographer, mad props man. I'd post mine but they need a little remastering since most of them are from a ****ty camera. What lens do you use? Nikon?
    Thank you, and I use a Nikon D40 w/ an 18-105 VR most of the time but sometimes I bring out my "nifty fifty", a 50mm 1.8 AIS.

    Here's a few more pics:





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    I really like the keyboard
    Quote Originally Posted by Lothair View Post
    I guess it's just widely used and has had some of the best people in the world work on it, costing a ridiculous amount of money, for no actual reason. :/
    Have you checked out the front page lately?
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    I like number 8, I will take it if your done just shooting pictures of it.
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    Amazing work...I love photography myself, but, for me, it's just a hobby.

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    You've got some serious brokeh going on in #10. Almost too much. Helluva cool shot though!
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    All photos are good and very charming specially 2,3 is best one for the artist point of view because i want to search the these types of photos where i make the painting after seen this photos...

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