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Thread: windows 7 password.

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    Default windows 7 password.

    All of a sudden my password for windows 7 doesn't work anymore. I was going to use orphcrack, but thats just gonna tell me the password I already know. How should I approach this. I have to use an ubuntu live cd right now. Should I just use Offline NT Password & Registry Editor?
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    Default Re: windows 7 password.

    Should I try to take all my data off my hdd and fresh install.
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    Default Re: windows 7 password.

    Have you tried using a different keyboard? i had a laptop in the shop that had the shift key stuck down but without the actual key being stuck. Just disconnected the internal keyboard and used a USB external and it worked fine.

    XP used to do that with me sometimes after resuming from standby or hibernation. The fix for it was always a reboot.
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    Default Re: windows 7 password.

    Hmm, I didn't see this when you posted it.. I would recommend using either the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor or konboot. Konboot patches the OS in RAM, and completely bypasses the authentication process. So, basically, that one boot you can log in with no password, then change it to whatever.
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    Default Re: windows 7 password.

    It's really hard to hack the password in W7. I don't even know why people even use them...

    I use the Emergency Boot CD (EBCD) to hack the password in systems XP and prior, but it never works in Vista or W7
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