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Thread: Preview: Lian Li PC-TR1 "Spider"

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    Default Preview: Lian Li PC-TR1 "Spider"

    I found some information and a video about an upcoming case from lian-li for miniITX benchmarking and system prototyping. The PC-TR1 is shaped like a spider. And while not the most affordable benchmark chassis, particularly as a miniITX rig it will definitely stand out on your workbench.

    Currently it looks like it will be $200 when it becomes available.

    *Promo Video*

    The folks at TechPowerUp already got their hand on a preview version of this case and posted a full review link

    Personally I'd like to see someone mod this with a protective cover for hardware and use it at a LAN parties.

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    Default Re: Preview: Lian Li PC-TR1 "Spider"

    yuck. for $200 it looks horrible

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    Default Re: Preview: Lian Li PC-TR1 "Spider"

    I could probably build an identical case with improvements for less than that.
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    Default Re: Preview: Lian Li PC-TR1 "Spider"

    Won't even work for an LN2 pot. Antec makes a mini version of their skeleton case
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    I guess it's just widely used and has had some of the best people in the world work on it, costing a ridiculous amount of money, for no actual reason. :/
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    Default Re: Preview: Lian Li PC-TR1 "Spider"

    Is it April 1st already?
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    Default Re: Preview: Lian Li PC-TR1 "Spider"

    Horrible. All the benefits of a small motherboard are lost when the case has a larger footprint than most 19" CRT monitors.

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    Default Re: Preview: Lian Li PC-TR1 "Spider"

    I could do a Fuchikoma / Tachikoma case!! It's very pricey though.

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    Default Re: Preview: Lian Li PC-TR1 "Spider"

    This is a beautiful case for those people with excess cash, and little time to do their own nodding. Excess cash being the main detractor from the piece of art that it is. If I got my hands on one, I'd probably sell it and buy half a dozen cheaper cases to play with.
    Good review T. I am curious though, do you guys get to keep the toys they send you to play with?
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    Default Re: Preview: Lian Li PC-TR1 "Spider"

    Quote Originally Posted by Luke122 View Post
    Horrible. All the benefits of a small motherboard are lost when the case has a larger footprint than most 19" CRT monitors.
    My sentiments exactly.

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